SARAH STUPAK Pop Surrealism Paintings & Adult Coloring Pages

Artist Philosophy

This is a bit about my philosophy as an artist and on life to help you to better understand my paintings and their meanings.

The next enlightenment, or evolution of our society and world is happening right now. We are not done with all the progress that happened in history that has lead us to where we are now. It’s still going, and this enlightenment is starting with the individual realizing the whole as themselves. Nothing is separate, Anything is Everything.


Each of my pop surrealism paintings focuses on an animal(s) that seem to have a sense of mastery in its surreal environment. I like to create animal art because I want people to be able to connect with animals. There is far too much importance placed on human existence in our society, while animals are often disregarded as disposable things in the way of our important human activities. That idea is archaic. We are animals, and we are a part of the earth; we have equal importance. The world exists for every creature here just as much as it does for humans. We all exist for each other and as a part of each other. Everyone and everything’s needs for happiness are of equal importance.

Life matters. All life matters. Your life matters, your dog’s life matters, your dinner’s life mattered. The impossible mystery, life, matters. Isn’t it breath taking when you actually think about what exists? There is literally endless variety in life, and so literally anything is possible.


When you examine the mystery and the variety in life and begin to appreciate it, you begin to appreciate yourself and see your own personal variety as important. You also see all the orchestration that occurs in the randomness and accidents that lead to the most magnificent, incomprehensible parts of reality. You begin to accept yourself and examine yourself further, discovering the joyful, creative creature you truly are buried under all the commercials, laws, religions, wars, deadlines, tests, guilt, shame, sales, pressure, etc., etc. that is thrust upon us all.  You see the impossible intricacy that makes up every speck of everything you can possibly perceive. You begin to realize that you and everyone and everything deserves whatever can be desired, because desires come from, and continue to form, the fabric of the universe.

I want to display this mystery, universal consciousness, “God”, or the collective unconscious, as a functioning part of life, actively interacting with everything’s thoughts and desires.


Finding your inner voice and creating and joyously mastering your own world, no matter how surreal and impossible your parasitic ego tells you it is, is the point of life. You can never really plan for the future, so why plan out of fear instead of joy? The future is both completely random and completely perfect for creation. What makes anything “real” more possible or probable than anything “unrealistic”? It’s all in your head. Our minds are extremely powerful and can manifest anything. (For more on physical manifestation of thought, read up on the Law of Attraction. There is plenty of scientific evidence that thought vibrations manifest!)

Psychologist Abraham Maslow theorized that humans have a need to become self-actualized. In my experience of living in a small town that no one really ever leaves, I see that most people don’t have any realistic expectation to become self-actualized. Most people give up their childhood fascinations and ignore the inner wisdom and instead, pull a card from a hat full of acceptable, practical careers and lives. I have also observed that most people, once they draw their card, are miserable, crazy, immobile, violent, and intolerant, and want others to suffer as they do as some sort of validation for their choice to give up their self-actualization need.

The new enlightenment is freeing people from the fear, hate, boredom, isolation, and monotony that dominate right now, and opening people to love, joy, acceptance, creativity, personal celebration, mastery of themselves and their own endlessly variant experience, and appreciation for each and every other being’s endlessly variant experience.

What would the world be like if we all weren’t shoved into cookie cutter molds from birth and if we accepted all life and all individual choices? What if we all tried to be who we are and listened to our child instincts?


My Nightmare Coloring pages are free and are intended for adults for relaxation, to nurture your inner child, and to center your mind.
Print some out and turn your attention inward.

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