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What the heck is a Nightmare Coloring Page?

Nightmare coloring pages are pop surrealism art coloring pages for adults. They are free to download and print from for everyone. These are not only adult coloring pages, but also collaboration art projects between me and everyone on earth – I draw them and you finish them with your creativity in coloring. If you color one and you think it turned out really cool, please send me a picture of it at I’ll post it!


The act of coloring is proven to be a very therapeutic activity for adults, and can be used as a meditation activity if you have trouble calming your mind enough for “proper” meditation. I don’t make my adult coloring pages extremely complex like others you may have seen. Mine focus more on adding art to your life and stimulating your creativity by working on a piece of art. My art coloring pages are just as great at relieving stress and you also get the satisfaction of completing the whole picture in one sitting even if you are pressed for time.


Did you know that each color affects your mood and even your physiological processes? (Even in blind people!) Below is a chart explaining the effects of different colors.

color chart chakras

Try utilizing the colors that have the effects you want to add to your life, or you can be random and creative and color however you FEEL! You need freedom and spontaneity in your life too! Your right brain will thank you. Making coloring pages for adults is my way to help people add joy and peace to their lives. I want people to know they can do something just for them each day. These are free, so there’s no excuse to not let yourself do this “childish” and simply enjoyable activity. Use your coloring time to visualize the things in life that you want, and you will begin to manifest them in your reality.


A little bit about the uses of color

Color is actually light energy, or vibrations. We feel color because as we perceive and receive light vibrations, our brains automatically secrete endorphins, which make us happy. Advertisers and designers have been utilizing color to persuade our actions and purchases to their liking for years thanks to the extensive research that has been done on color effects throughout history. These effects have been researched and documented by modern psychologists and scientists and all the way back to ancient healers.  As an example of how important light vibrations are, a well-known disorder caused by a lack of color and light energy is Seasonal Effective Disorder.  This condition is characterized by anxiety, depression, oversleeping, lethargy, and overeating during months (or daily circumstances) that lack sunlight. Treatment simply involves exposure to bright light using a light box that mimics daylight.


True color therapy is practiced as a holistic medicine. Each of the seven chakras correlates with each of the seven colors of the rainbow (see color chart above). Colors are focused, mentally (through meditation) or physically, on a specific part of the body with the intention of healing physical ailments. Color therapy is has very specific practices, and there are certain time limits placed on the application of each specific color to body parts.


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Need something to color with?

Twistable Colored Pencils:

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