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The Sun Wants to Sleep in Your Eyes

cheetah city pop surrealism animal art

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The Sun Wants to Sleep in Your Eyes. 2011

Pop surrealism painting on 36″ x 24″stretched canvas.

Cheetahs, seeming very out of place, are sauntering through the streets of an abandoned town. Forlorn eyes and a damned environment for the past inhabitants, and now the current. The predators are lost and gaze eerily out of the grey scene as if they are disgusted or confused. This painting aims to expresses the inescapable human animal in each of us that is looking for meaning. From birth, we are thrust into an unnatural captivity that is society. It historically has not encouraged finding meaning in life. Instead of starting out in a natural setting and finding our own path, we must deal with the rigid consumer environment that is set in stone before us.

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