SARAH STUPAK Pop Surrealism Paintings & Adult Coloring Pages

Submit a Guest Coloring Page

Want to submit a guest coloring page?

Are you another artist? Do you just like to doodle? Why don’t you design an art coloring page for me? Email it to me at to have your drawing considered as a guest coloring page.

What to include in your email:

  • Your name (Required)

  • Your website if you want a link to your artwork posted along with your coloring page (or facebook page, portfolio, deviantart account, etc. wherever your art is on the web)

  • A clear .jpg image of your drawing that is at least 1000 pixels in either length or width. (Required)

–Tips For Your Submission–

Draw your coloring page with a sharpie or other black dark marker or artist pen. This is to make sure the lines are dark and bold enough to print clearly like a coloring page. The lines can be thin, just don’t use pencil basically.

Do not shade your drawing.

I recommend drawing on a sheet of printer paper and scanning the image onto your computer rather than taking a photograph of your drawing.

I will adjust the image to make sure the black is black and the white is white, so your file does not have to be exactly perfect if you are not great with image editing.

Be creative and spontaneous! I like weird creative unique things.


You retain the copyright on your art

Your image is not guaranteed to be selected as a guest coloring page even if you follow the guidelines perfectly. I will be selecting only my favorite once a week or  month depending on the volume of submissions I receive. You will be notified if your submission is selected to be featured as a guest post.

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